The Ultimate Bali Proposal!!!

Searching for the perfect place to ‘pop the question’? Bali is a spot you’ll both long remember!

Certain places seem custom-made for great proposals. Obviously, my fiance put in some thought and effort into his proposal. If your loved one is a bit of a helpless romantic, as I am, then considering Bali as the place to pop the question is undoubtedly one of the best decisions you’ll make – that will guarantee fond memories for years to come.

Thanks to the island’s wealth of naturally romantic settings: sunsets, jungles, waterfalls, rice fields, beaches, dreamy star-filled skies… you can imagine how adding delicious food, a little candlelight, flowers (and the diamond ring of course) can make your lady swoon.

Not that you need all that ‘fancy smanshy’ stuff to get a yes. Obviously your special human loves you and you know they’re the one. Surely you mean to her what she means to you. But, why not go a lil over-the-top as you ask that special someone to be your life partner? It makes for such an extraordinarily special exerience – trust me! I felt like an absolute princess.

What mattered to me most was that we were celebrating our relationship together, and that he took my personality into consideration of the when, where and how. Of course, there was nothing sweeter than to see my man kneeling in front of me nervously asking if I would be his forever. What really matters is the sincerity, not the elaborate nature of the proposal – though that’s definitely an added bonus I think most girls would appreciate.

Essentially, what my partner arranged was a fancy, romantic picnic on the beach. Instead of just going to a restaurant, or doing the whole picnic blanket thing, he kind of merged the two experiences to make for an extra-special occasion.

Amazing Romantic Bali Beach dinner proposal set-up

On the 25th of November, 2019, I found myself stepping into a romantic evening in Bali; enjoying an unforgettable 4-course dinner and drinks with the love of my life; our own personal waiter at the ready just for us. I had no idea why Dan was doing something so fancy for my birthday. Turning 28 in Bali was already incredible enough. Really smart of him to confuse me like this.

It’s not common-practice in either of our cultures to do the whole ‘down-on-one-knee’ spiel. I always thought the Greeks take the romance out of it. Man goes up to father of his beloved and asks for permission. How boring. The couple usually decides to get married by mutual agreement (after checking in with family) and the proposal won’t neccesarily be elaborate.

Even less-exciting than the traditional Greeks, were the Ancients! They proposed by throwing an apple at their chosen wife! If the woman caught the apple, she accepted the marriage proposal. The origin of this wedding custom, like most other Greek traditions, can be found in Greek mythology. Just a fun fact.

Not to say that Dan didn’t want to show respect to my family, or that we hadn’t discussed and imagined a long-term future together. He did, in fact, put a lot of thought into it – as anyone should. This is not a decision to be taken lightly. My mother and brother delightfully recall the day Dan video called them to ask for my hand in marriage. It was one of the happiest pieces of news they’ve had in years (since the birth of my baby cousin Christina.)

If I were to have a respectable father, worth involving, Dan would have probably done the whole patriarch thing too. It was unfortunate that my father and his new wife had done a lot of damage to our relationship just before this special time in my life. Not that I was even included in any special announcements on his engagements, or even personally invited to our family from his side’s events (sometimes only super last minute – like on the day – where I had nothing to wear, not to mention seating at the event!)

I wasn’t going to let my father taint yet another happy time in my life. I am so relieved that I never got the ring made through him either. It would, most likely, end up being thrown in my face – just as his new sister-in-law offended me in her message insinuating that my father is nothing but a (quote) “bank account” to me. Funny, seeing that I have been living independently for years now.

Despite all these on-going hate-messages from him, his new wife and sister-in-law over the last 3 months since returning from South Africa, I felt blessed beyond words, and marvelled at the beautiful life I have created for myself away from their toxicity and abuse. This year has been one of the most difficult. After having lost my γιαγιά, I truly felt her guiding me toward happiness and contentment.

She had met Dan over video call just before passing away and adored him so very much. I’ll never forget her words, sung in a heavy Greek accent: “You a good boy eh. Take care of my Maria. She must also be good girl to you. You must love each other”. Hers and my παππου’s relationship are probably the only real example I ever had of true love.

I know she has been with me throughout. Especially in Bali, I could feel her in the wind and in the waves, I could tangibly experience her blessings. SO much has come together in my life since her passing. Though there are some days I’ve cried holding her photo, worn her pjs, or cooked her recipes just to feel her close, I definitely know she is with me every step of this journey. She always said she wished she could live to see me a bride (νιφουλα, she’d say) and she’ll now be watching me from above as an angel.

I cannot stress how much fear I’ve had to overcome to get to this point of commitment. This man has stood beside me through thick and thin, and has made me the happiest lady. Every moment with him has me feeling so cherished, and I can imagine us years from now recounting our beatiful Bali engagement story with our children – hopefully being the examples for them that my γιαγιά and παππού were for me.
The amazing beach set-up was made possible by the staff at this hotel who coordinated with the restaurant. The actual booking was arranged by this website.

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